Video Analysis Service

Do you want to find your problems in your swimming form and fix them? Our video analysis services work best to do so because we have analyzed over 3,000 swimmers' videos with multiple angles.

If you don't have any swim videos, don't worry! We can even analyze your swim with your rehearsal videos!

20-point inspection

We inspect your swim with 20 checkpoints to evaluate your efficiency of swimming.

Examples of checkpoints;

Note: Some checkpoints can be fully inspected with specific camera angles. We try to inspect as much as possible with your videos.

Problem findings and solutions

You may have several points to improve on. We prioritize them and provide solutions along with videos which explain the details.

Items to be analyzed;

  1. Issue
  2. Stroke phase
  3. Region of focus
  4. Reason
  5. Effect
  6. Ideal position
  7. Solution
  8. Focal point video (if available)

Bonus study materials

The following videos will be provided to understand correct movements and postures.
You can download video files as well as watch streaming videos.

  1. Freestyle Dryland Rehearsal Basics ($14.95 value)
    You can learn the freestyle basics including the insert position, the switch movement, and the recovery movement step by step. It shows the easy-to-understand focal points using the examples of the freestyle.
  2. Seven Stroke Phases of Graceful Freestyle ($9.95 value)
    It is important to understand graceful freestyle with stroke phases. By separating the series of movement into specific segments, you can horn your skills easily. There are seven-stroke phases in freestyle such as glide, switch, recovery, entry, catch and pull, push and finish.
  3. Seven Keys to Graceful Freestyle ($9.95 value)
    We focused on the impression of graceful freestyle and created seven key points to achieve graceful freestyle.
    They are related to postures and movements, and very specific guidelines for controlling body parts come with them.



How to shoot swim videos/rehearsal videos and send them to us

Details and links to sample videos are described in this PDF file.


  1. Click below to pay for the service via PayPal.
  2. We will send you the receipt email with information to access bonus study materials.
  3. Take video files and send the files/links to us. The email address is in the receipt email.
  4. We will send you the report in 5-10 days.


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